Is a pressing the right choice for your business? Part 3


In this final part, we look at some common issues that can delay quotes and some final thought on the topic.

Common problems that can delay your quote:

Time and money can be saved when we quote by following the guidelines below:

  • 1.No Drawing: Always send a dimensioned drawing with your request for quotation (RFQ). We commonly receive images of products or drawings with no dimensions on. In order to accurately quote we need to know exactly what size the parts are so we can calculate material usage correctly. If you don’t have a drawing, a sample posted to us will help as we can dimension from that. (PS. Samples are always good!) Don’t forget the material specification also, we need to know what material to buy and any finish you require.

  • 2.Too shorter lead time: While we do the best we can, we can’t deliver a pressed product 1 week after we receive an enquiry (unless we have the tools and material already). We need time to firstly quote correctly, for one part this can generally be done within a week with multiple parts longer. Then the tooling takes time to manufacture. 10 – 16 weeks for tooling is not uncommon and should be accounted for. Some materials come from overseas and also take time to be delivered.

  • 3.Tight Tolerances: The tolerances on pressed parts can be very tight, however especially on new drawings we find machining tolerances on the drawings. We will always advise what is possible however tooling costs will be higher for tightly tolerance parts as a rule.

  • 4.Tooling cost: As mentioned tooling can be high on complex parts, simple parts require simple tooling however we always strive to keep costs to a minimum when quoting tooling however bear in mind that there is expensive tooling and cheap tooling just like cars or any other product. It has always been a problem for customers as it is a large commitment to make however if the tooling is good and the product sells, good tooling will pay for itself many times over. BBE are happy to look at various pricing options and funding for you to make your investment make more financial sense.

  • 5.Low Volumes: This is by far the most common challenge for BBE and our customers. They require a pressed product but only need 5 a year! In most cases we can solve the issue by either fabricating them or using a combination of laser cutting and pressing with basic tooling however the best approach is to be realistic about the expected volumes and BBE can advise on how best to approach the problem. If you have 1 or 1 million parts let us know and we’ll find a solution.

Final thoughts:

1000’s of products on the market use some form of pressing. Deciding on how to go about making your part will be instrumental in its success. Always look to inform your chosen presswork company as best you can in relation to the part, often we can find solutions to other problems you might have and it can save lots of time and funds especially if we have to redesign a tool due to something not working correctly down the line. The more we know what your product does and how it functions the more we can help to get the part right first time and advise you correctly.

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We thank you for reading this article and hope you find this 3 part series useful and we look forward to your enquiry in the near future!

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